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Your story starts at Wareham Media. We have all the tools and support you need to start producing your show. Need ideas – we can help you there! Do you want to volunteer on another show to get some experience and improve your skills. We have lots of opportunities – sign up on our volunteer list. Need to brush up on some skills? Sign up for a one-one class or take one of our group classes.

Elevate Your Production with Wareham Media's
State-of-the-Art Studio

Gear up for your next studio production at Wareham Media’s fully functional studio. Our multicamera setup, comes complete with a video switcher, sound board, lighting grid, green screen, and Cyc wall. Our expert team will guide you through every phase of the production process, ensuring you’re fully prepared for a seamless and successful production.

Studio Specs

  • 750 Square Foot Studio
  • 3 High Definition Cameras
  • Black and Blue Cyclorama Curtains
  • Modern, Professional Control Room with Digital Switcher, 15 input audio board and full graphics 

Edit your story!

Elevate your storytelling using our edit bays equipped with Adobe Premiere Pro. Effortlessly import your footage into our high-performance computers and dive into the world of seamless editing. Craft your narrative precisely the way you envision it, utilizing graphics, sound, transitions, and captivating special effects. At Wareham Media, we provide the tools and expertise to bring your creative vision to life.

Take your story to Wareham with our field equipment

If your story needs Wareham as a backdrop, you’ll need field equipment. We have all the cameras, microphones, lights and accessories so you can take your production on the road. Our equipment is portable, light-weight, plus a lot of fun to use.

Field Equipment Specs

  • 4 Professional Video Cameras – Canon XA20s
  • 4 Tripods
  • 5 Lavalier (pin on) Microphones
  • 2 Wireless Lavailer Microphones
  • 5 Handheld microphones
  • 2 Portable Lights Kits
  • Cables, Connectors, Adapters

Producer Resources

Do you have an idea for a program? Fill out the program submission form using the button below. We’ll get back to you soon about your idea and the needs for your production.

Have you completed your program and are now ready to air it? Fill out the video submission form using the button below. We’ll get back to you soon about when your show will air.

Want to improve your skills, meet other producers or just have some fun? Add your name to the volunteer signup list to help out on a Wareham Media-run production or another producer’s show.

Take a deep dive into all of the equipment Wareham Media has to offer.