About Wareham Media

Wareham Media is all about fostering community, promoting education, and championing the art of storytelling. Our mission is to empower the people of Wareham with the means to share the stories of their community, local groups, and individual experiences through the dynamic medium of media.

Our Mission

Ensuring access to media-making technology for all Wareham residents, empowering them to amplify their voices, share their stories, foster media literacy, and cultivate new skills.

What We Do

Wareham Media is an integrated community media hub for Wareham and the surrounding areas. Wareham Media facilitates diverse community dialogue and incubates and funds local storytelling, arts, journalism, media literacy, and technology projects. This includes live streaming and serving youth and adults through innovative classes and partnerships.

Wareham Media offers extensive multimedia training, access to high-quality equipment, cohort programs, and partnerships. We provide low-cost professional media services to nonprofit organizations, education partners, businesses plus access to local government coverage.


Wareham Media is dedicated to comprehensive video coverage of local events, including government meetings, youth sports, election forums, arts, and more. We aim to make these events accessible to Wareham citizens on television and online.

To request event coverage, please use this form, ensuring it’s non-commercial and submitted at least three weeks in advance. While we aim to accommodate requests, we can’t guarantee coverage for all events. If we can’t cover your event, consider becoming a Wareham Media member, where you can take brief camera training, rent our equipment, and cover the event yourself.

Hours of Operation

MONDAY – FRIDAY | 10:00 AM – 5:00PM

SATURDAY and SUNDAY | by appointment

Mission Statement

Wareham Media is 501c3 non-profit corporation founded to provide public and government access television to the Wareham community. We receive our funding from a variety of sources including franchise fees from Comcast cable, Verizon, government contracts, grants, sponsorships, membership fees, and donations from community members.

Michael Schochet

Chief Executive Officer


Jim Gilbert

Executive Director


Geoff Wyman

Director of Operations


Christian Fernandes

Senior Producer


Jon Day

Government Access Coordinator


Renee Walsh

Traffic Coordinator



Meetings take place on the third Tuesday of each month at 5 PM. 

If you’d like to attend our in-person meeting, please email WCTVBOD@warehamtv.org a few days before, so that we can accommodate you in our space or add you to a zoom meeting.

If you are interested in joining our board or if you’d like to attend a board meeting, please email WCTVBOD@warehamtv.org.

Board Members

Kelly Knight Churbuck is a third generation “townie” (at least) and proud WHS A/V Club Alum.

Kelly graduated from Boston University’s College of Communications with a degree in film and television. She spent her professional career in television production and corporate relations, living in Los Angeles and the Greater NYC area, working at Dick Clark Productions and WWE… before returning to Wareham to raise a fourth generation close to family.

Kelly and her husband have three young children. She is also a member of the Vestry at The Church of the Good Shepherd. Kelly is excited to be able to give back to the Wareham community through her work at Wareham Media. She is so grateful for the caliber of talented and passionate individuals – board, staff, and members/volunteers – involved in this organization.

Cheryl Knapp has lived and worked in Wareham most of her life. She is a direct descendant of the Fearing family so her roots are steeped in Wareham History.

Cheryl first joined WCTV many years ago and took the classes they offered so she could learn what WCTV was all about. She enjoyed the classes and went with the “crew” to film a pet parade, a town meeting and some high school basketball games with Christian.

Cheryl is a volunteer on the Wareham Historical Commission and the Wareham Historical District Commission.

She joined the board of WCTV as their Treasurer a few years ago when Steve Ruiz told her they needed one. Cheryl went to WHS at the same time as Steve and she lives next door to WCTV so she wanted to help.

Dan Butler has been a member of the WCTV Board of Directors since Jan 2024. Retired from 30+ years service as a naval officer and federal civil servant, Dan and his wife, Karen, settled in Wareham in 2017. Dan serves as the volunteer Chair of the Wareham Redevelopment Authority, and also served as Clerk for the town’s Cable Advisory Committee from 2021-24.

When they’re not kayaking, sailing, watching WCTV on YouTube, or hanging out at the YMCA, Dan and Karen can be found at the Hammond School pickleball courts in Onset.

Indiana Troupe is one of the nation’s leading Generation-Z marketing specialists and student voice advocates. Through his 7 years of non-profit and business experience, he began consulting with companies on how best to target the Gen Z demographic, and how youth-led firms can continue to flourish.

He’s traveled the country speaking to different groups about the importance of targeting a new generation of consumers and the importance of student voice. He is a current Business Management and Marketing student at the University of New Hampshire’s Paul College – one of the top public business colleges in the country. In his free time, Indiana enjoys surfing, running, volunteering, and spending time with family and friends. He is passionate about making the world a better place and is excited to work on bringing WCTV to the next level.

Tobe Berkovitz is an associate professor of advertising emeritus at Boston University. Tobe has a BFA and MA from the University of Connecticut and a Ph.D. from Wayne State University in Detroit, MI. He has a 30+ year career as a political media consultant, working on campaigns throughout America. Tobe was on The Town of Brookline, MA Cable TV Advisory Committee and then chaired the Cable TV Monitoring Committee. He is on the Board of The Gleason Family YMCA. Tobe lives in Mattapoisett with his wife and two golden retrievers.

Wareham Media broadcasts all programming on Comcast, Verizon, streams, and provides videos On Demand on YouTube. Programming includes public, educational, and local government.


Public 30
Education 28
Government 29


Public 9
Education 8
Government 26


Michael Schochet

Michael Schochet, a formidable force in the media industry, boasts deep roots in the South Coast region. Spending a significant portion of his youth and adult life on the shores of Mattapoisett, he infuses his work with a unique blend of coastal inspiration and creative energy. Renowned as a true storyteller, Michael captivates audiences with his narrative prowess and ability to craft compelling tales.

From his beginnings in community television in Springfield and Weymouth to executive roles at Turner Broadcasting, Discovery Networks, and WWE, Michael’s journey is marked by innovation and excellence. His strategic planning in content creation has led to millions of views and revenue across multiple platforms.

Transitioning into building in-house production and creative teams at MassMutual and the CoStar Group, Michael played a pivotal role in enhancing their brand identities and expanding their digital presence. With a passion for storytelling deeply rooted in his coastal upbringing, Michael continues to innovate and inspire in the ever-evolving media landscape, leaving an indelible mark wherever his journey takes him. 

Jim Gilbert

A strategic-minded Executive Director, Jim Gilbert is an accomplished video producer with a strong background in budget modeling, with a keen eye for storytelling.

Jim excels in guiding the creation of compelling visual narratives across various categories. Employing a Transformational Leadership style, his skills are underscored by the ability to develop and implement strategic plans that drive organizational growth.

Jim’s expertise in budget modeling ensures efficient allocation of resources, maximizing project impact while minimizing costs. His innovative approach and commitment to excellence make him a valuable asset in the world of community media and beyond.

Jim lives in Hyannis with his wife Sarah and two dogs, Robbie and Taco.

Geoff Wyman

Geoff started his path to WCTV in 1999 when he moved to Buffalo, NY from rural Vermont to study video production. He graduated from the University at Buffalo in 2002 with two major degrees in video production and another in sociology. 

Geoff was hired out of school by an audio/video company in Buffalo where he traveled the country working with the Buffalo based company to work audio/ video for large conventions.  While doing this work Geoff gained knowledge and experience with live multi-camera productions in front of large crowds in ballrooms in major hotels. 

In 2005, Geoff moved back to Vermont to pursue career goals in video production. After moving to Burlington, Vermont, he acquired a position teaching youth video production at the local government access facility in Burlington Chittenden Community TV (CCTV). 

Geoff worked for CCTV until 2012 where he accepted the position of government access coordinator for Falmouth Community Television on Cape Cod. 

Geoff held that position until 2023 when accepting the position of director of operations for Wareham Community television.  Geoff has been part of the team there since and has helped with infrastructure and operational improvements. 

Christian Fernandes

A Wareham Native, Christian grew up in the vibrant community of Onset, MA. His community involvement was marked by a notable contribution of co-building the main float for Onset’s 100th Centennial Parade alongside his best friend in 1994.

During his junior year at Wareham High School in 1995, Fernandes and his friend established “The Onset Bay Movie Company,” a volunteer-based initiative aimed at providing “Free Summer Family Fun” by organizing movie screenings at the Lillian Gregerman Bandshell for 15 years.

Fernandes graduated from Wareham High School in 1996, having earned scholarships in video production and art. He pursued higher education at the Savannah College of Art and Design, graduating with a double major in Video/Film and Computer Art Motion Graphics. While in Savannah, Georgia, Fernandes gained experience as a videographer for the Savannah Panthers (AAA Football) and the SCAD Bees Volleyball team.

After completing his education in 2001, Fernandes returned to Massachusetts and began his career in the Wareham Public School system as a technology para, while concurrently interning at Sandwich Cable Access Television (SACAT). His career trajectory also included roles such as concessionist manager and projectionist at Regal Cinemas.

In 2006, Fernandes relocated to Louisiana, where he continued working in movie theaters until Hurricane Rita disrupted his employment. Subsequently, he joined NBC as a videographer/operations crew member. By late 2007, Fernandes returned to Massachusetts, engaging in various roles including graphic design and freelance videography.

In 2009, Fernandes secured a pivotal role as the education coordinator for WCTV (Wareham Community Television) upon its establishment. Over the span of the next 15 years, he has evolved within the organization, assuming the title of Senior Producer for most public and education programs. He also oversees the video production assistant program and internship program, while also spearheading the Southcoast Sports initiative, showcasing his enduring commitment to community engagement and media production.

Jon Day

A Wareham native, Jonathan brings a wealth of experience to his role as Government Access Coordinator at Wareham Community Television. With an educational background in automotive repair and cabinetry, Jonathan’s attention to detail ensures quality maintenance for the station.

Since the beginning of his employment at the station in 2016, Jonathan has actively engaged with the community, spearheading various programs and events.

Jonathan’s recent focus on collaborations with town boards, underscores his commitment to delivering high-quality government meetings. His dedication and hometown roots make him an indispensable asset to Wareham Community Television and to the Wareham community.

Renee Walsh

A Santa Barbara native, Renée moved from the sunny beaches of southern California to Wareham in 2011 where she interned for Wareham Community Television for eight months before becoming a full-time hire in 2012.

She was an assistant editor for the station’s first documentary “Postcards from Onset,” and was the lead editor for the station’s two other documentaries, “The Cape Cod Railroad Bridge,” and “Tremont Nail: Forged in Steel.”

Graduating from high school in 2002, Renée pursued degrees in film/animation, and computational mathematics, completing her four-year undergraduate program in three years before pursuing a graduate degree in 2005.

In 2009 to 2010 she worked in conjunction with the Public Affairs Officer of the United States Navy: Maintenance Battalion 303 SeeBee detachment NAS Lemoore.

Renée has worked for Wareham Community Television for 12 years as the Traffic Coordinator, an individual responsible for the content viewed on the public, government, and education channels.